Name: Harry

Help Received: Access to accomodation and employment opportunities

Harry’s Story

Harry’s world fell apart following on from the death of his mother.  He struggled to come to terms with his bereavement. The added pressure of handling her estate had a significant impact on Harry’s anxiety and overall wellbeing.

He moved in with his girlfriend in Guildford. However, sadly, their relationship broke down and Harry ending up living in his car.  After 6 weeks he realised that his life had hit rock bottom and that he needed help to get himself out of this situation.

Harry got in touch with Guildford’s Homeless Outreach and Support Team (HOST). He had no local connection to Guildford and therefore had very limited accommodations options available to him. On further investigation, it turned out that Harry had no established local connection anywhere as he had always moved around with jobs he secured in the catering world.

This was the first time Harry had experienced homelessness, he was frightened and anxious about the direction his life was taking. HOST helped Harry access emergency accommodation under the severe weather protocol whilst they looked into other housing options for him.

Harry continued to look for employment opportunities in Guildford and was fortunate to come across a job that had the potential of getting him back on his feet. In partnership with Number 5 night shelter, HOST applied to Real Change Guildford to fund a rent deposit and rent in advance to help Harry access accommodation.

The Real Change You Can Make

Within a week of approaching HOST and the subsequent application to Real Change, Harry moved into private rented accommodation just before Christmas 2019.  It’s still early days but he’s holding down his full-time job and his home.  The future looks bright for Harry and we wish him all the very best.

Real Change Guildford is a campaign to end homelessness in the borough by preventing homelessness in the first place. We are here to ensure no one becomes homeless for the sake of a few pounds. For those that are currently homeless, Real Change can support people to exit the streets through practical support. This could be providing rent in advance, white goods, or some respite to clear your head, some new shoes, a kettle, or even a brand new bed!

Real Change is a community approach owned by the community and committed to ending and preventing homelessness. There’s so much we can do to help. Your little change can make a big change, a real change for Guildford.

Help us to save lives by changing lives, come and get involved!