Where does your money go?

How it works? All but 15% goes directly to people who are homeless via partner charities. In fact, if you select gift aid while donating we can even increase your donation!

Not a penny goes to salaries for running the campaign. This is because Real Change partners have committed the time and energy of their staff to help run the campaign for free.

Goes to the individual
Goes to Voluntary Action South West Surrey who administrate the donation pot.
Covers the processing fee for the donation website, which also allows us to claim back gift aid

How will my donation be spent?

How it works? Your donation is combined with other donations into one central pot for everyone in Guildford Borough. Local charities and organisations then work directly with individuals who are homeless, and apply for funds to pay for items they need. Money is transferred to the partner organisations to get where it is needed as quickly as possible, but is never given out as cash.

There are two types of application:


(e.g. Education or training courses, essential household items, clothes for interviews)

If the request is for under £100, applications which meet the criteria are approved almost immediately.

This excludes cash, emergency accommodation, food or other items which are available for free elsewhere.

Over £100

(e.g. Deposit or rent, furnishings for a flat, or larger white goods such as a fridge or washing machine)

If the request is for over £100, the application must be agreed by an independent panel.

The Panel includes people with lived experience of homelessness alongside representatives of support groups and accommodation providers.

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Other ways you can help

• Visit Voluntary Action South West Surrey to see what else you can give

• Find out how your business or workplace can become a Corporate Partner

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