Name: Sharon

Help Received: Funding to apply for identification documents

Sharon’s Story

Sharon had experienced serious domestic violence before it became too much for her and ran away from the home she had lived in for 15 years. The impact of this abuse had a substantial effect on Sharon’s mental health; she really needed help and support. Sharon was rough sleeping in Guildford for over 12 weeks before she got in touch with agencies that could help her. Due to Sharon leaving in such a hurry, she didn’t have the time to grab any appropriate identification required to access both welfare benefits and accommodation.

Real Change Guildford funded £96 so that Sharon could apply for a new birth certificate and passport. The funding also included money to purchase a waterproof document wallet to keep these new documents safe. £96 unlocked safe, supported accommodation opportunities for Sharon who has now been off the streets for 7 months. Sharon still has some way to go before she is ready to access independent housing, but for the time being she is safe, in control and her dignity has been restored.

The Real Change You Can Make

Support from Real Change comes in all shapes and sizes. Providing Sharon with the funds to apply for a new birth certificate and passport; enabled her to receive the help she so desperately needed.  We wish Sharon all the very best for the future.

Real Change Guildford is a campaign to end homelessness in the borough by preventing homelessness in the first place. We are here to ensure no one becomes homeless for the sake of a few pounds. For those that are currently homeless, Real Change can support people to exit the streets through practical support. This could be providing rent in advance, white goods, or some respite to clear your head, some new shoes, a kettle, or even a brand new bed!

Real Change is a community approach owned by the community and committed to ending and preventing homelessness. There’s so much we can do to help. Your little change can make a big change, a real change for Guildford.

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