Our local university in Guildford, The University of Surrey, has pledged to become an ambassador of Real Change Guildford. In January 2020 Vice Principal Max Lu presented us with a donation of £350. This was raised by a staff bake sale and officially endorsed the University’s ongoing support of the initiative. As part of being an ambassador, the University will promote the campaign to students and staff and encourage fundraising activities.

Having the support of our local University is such a great thing for us at Real Change Guildford! We are very grateful for their support so far, and we are looking forward to their continuing support in the future. After all, we need people in the local area to come together like this to enable us to continue with the work we do in the local Guildford community. We hope that the University’s ambassadorship will help to raise our profile in Guildford. As a result, we will be able to help more people. Our work includes helping homeless individuals build a life away from the streets. We do so by providing funding for practical items or services that people need to improve their lives.

University of Surrey support Real Change Guildford

Amanda Masters from Real Change Guildford and Professor Max Lu, University of Surrey

Support Real Change Guildford

Would you like to follow in the University of Surrey’s footsteps and support us too? There are many easy ways for you to make a big difference to homeless individuals in Guildford! Whether you hold a fundraising event such as the University’s bake sale, make a direct donation, or something else, we are always very grateful for your support. Need some inspiration? On our blog, you can read about what others have done to fundraise for us. For example, find out about Granny’s Attic Tattoo’s successful Charity Flash Day! It is vital that we continue to receive support so we can keep providing our services to those who need them most in Guildford.