Name: Winston

Help Received: Deposit and rent in advance to access accommodation

Winston’s Story

Winston left the armed forces 4 years ago and was living with his partner in Guildford. Sadly, in September 2020, Winston’s relationship with his partner ended due to various issues relating to the COVID lockdown and his name was subsequently removed from the tenancy. Winston had nowhere to go, he was sleeping in his car and wandering the streets during the day. Winston was new to homelessness, he had no idea where to go for help and no information on who could help him, until he saw a Real Change Guildford poster on the side of a bin in Guildford town centre.

Winston visited the Real Change website where he was immediately able to understand what agencies were out there, that could help. Winston got in touch with The Guildford Homeless Outreach and Support Team [HOST] who supported him to get in touch with his employer’s housing provider, who offered Winston the opportunity to access shared accommodation in the borough, however, Winston would need to pay both the deposit and rent in advance.

HOST applied to Real Change Guildford for a deposit and rent in advance, which was approved swiftly. Thanks to Real Change, Winston only had to spend 4 nights sleeping in his car before he was able to access accommodation. Winston was over the moon to have somewhere safe and secure to live again. After all those years in the Army, Winston was especially pleased to be able to have a shower and put on fresh clothes, which he states, made him feel human again. Winston would like to pass on his heartfelt thanks to the Guildford community behind Real Change Guildford, for their help and support during a very difficult period of his life. £850 made it possible to prevent Winston from becoming a long-term rough sleeper in Guildford. Real Change is saving lives, by changing lives.

The Real Change You Can Make

Support from Real Change meant that Winston only had to spend a short amount of time on the streets.  We wish him all the very best for the future.

Real Change Guildford is a campaign to end homelessness in the borough by preventing homelessness in the first place. We are here to ensure no one becomes homeless for the sake of a few pounds. For those that are currently homeless, Real Change can support people to exit the streets through practical support. This could be providing rent in advance, white goods, or some respite to clear your head, some new shoes, a kettle, or even a brand new bed!

Real Change is a community approach owned by the community and committed to ending and preventing homelessness. There’s so much we can do to help. Your little change can make a big change, a real change for Guildford.

Help us to save lives by changing lives, come and get involved!