It is often a combination of experiences and circumstances that causes homelessness or puts people at risk of losing their home.  One problem can lead to another so it’s important to act quickly and not let things spiral out of control.

The good news is that there are many organisations and charities in the borough that can help you.

Personal experiences

Not getting on with the people you live with over a period of time.  This may include your partner, family or friends. Talking Therapies | Healthy Surrey,  Home – Guildford Action

Staying with friends or family either temporarily or on a longer-term basis or sofa surfing. Guildford HOST – Riverside

Death of a loved one or friend you live with when they are the tenant or property owner.  Guildford HOST – RiversideBereavement | Healthy Surrey

Contact with the criminal justice system e.g. going to prison.  Citizens Advice Guildford & Ash | The charity for your community ( or contact your landlord

Being frightened, hurt or controlled by a partner, ex-partner or family member How to get help | Healthy Surrey

Struggling to engage with essential services (e.g. benefits) due to lack of knowledge or confidence using technology or not having access to Wi-Fi or devices.

Provision of public access terminals and WiFi in libraries – policy statement – Surrey County Council (

Knowing that your problems are stacking up but lacking confidence or knowledge to deal with things.  Home – Guildford Action

You or someone you live with has problems with drugs, alcohol or gambling Gamblers Anonymous – Guildford | Surrey Information Pointi-access Drug & Alcohol Service : Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust ( – Surrey Drug and Alcohol CareMental Health and Drug and Alcohol Service in Surrey (


Problems with welfare benefits

Struggling to afford to live on your earnings or benefits

Constantly borrowing from others to make ends meet

Change in circumstances that reduces your income or increases your expenses

Getting into debt and struggling with debt repayments

For all money advice contact Citizens Advice Guildford & Ash | The charity for your community (

Christians Against Poverty (


Not paying your rent and getting into arrears.

Ignoring your rent arrears, not opening post, avoiding contact with your landlord etc.

Experiencing problems with others you live with or your neighbours e.g. anti-social behaviour.

People complaining about you or the things you are doing in or near your home.

Get in touch with your landlord to discuss these problems asap. 

If you would support to contact your landlord Citizens Advice Guildford & Ash | The charity for your community ( HOST – Riverside


Losing your job or being made redundant Contact Jobcentre Plus – Jobcentre Plus Local Office Search – GOV.UK ( Job Club – Millmead – Guildford Baptist Church

Planning to leave or losing your live-in job Guildford HOST – Riverside

Need help to gain qualifications to get work

Problems which affect your attendance at work (and consequently your ability to pay rent) e.g. transport difficulties, specialist clothing required

Citizens Advice Guildford & Ash | The charity for your community ( Real change

Health and wellbeing

Difficulty managing anxiety or stress Mental health help in Surrey and Kent – With You ( Mind Matters – NHS (

Experiencing physical or mental health problems – Contact your GP for help or NHS 111

Struggling to cope with mental health problems or heading towards crisis point Safe Haven: Guildford : Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (,

Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen If you are immediate danger call 999

Feeling isolated or lonely – Community Connections | Catalyst ( – Guildford Action,

Oakleaf Enterprise – Making Life Work With Mental Illness (

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