What we do

What we do

Helping people off the streets, for good

At Real Change, we help people to access the practical items and opportunities they need to build lives away from Guildford’s streets. It’s about providing the tools to start again after homelessness.

That could mean clothes for a job interview, rent money up front or a training course to help them unlock their potential.

How it works

Real Change raises funds from business and the community to support people in their local area experiencing homelessness. It uses funds generated to pay for items which directly help people to move away from the streets or avoid homelessness: things like a deposit for a home, a training course, or clothes for a job interview. Working in partnership with local charities and partners, it ensures that no one stays or becomes homeless due to a simple lack of cash.

The evidence is clear: People need Access to vital items, services, and opportunities to break the cycle of homelessness. This is a key part of the mosaic, and one that real change delivers day in, day out.

When you donate to Real Change? Real Change is:

Co-Produced with people who have experienced homelessness and local partners

Lean and efficient so as much of the public’s donations as possible go to the people who need it.

Simple and quick approval process so person in need gets support they need

Locally Owned – Real Change Guildford belongs to Guildford; we all play a part in its success to end homelessness in Guildford.

Local charities and organisations work directly with individuals who are homeless, applying for funding for the items they need to leave the streets for good.

Requests under £100 can be granted almost immediately – we have a dedicated panel of community approvers who will approve grants over £100.

Funds are transferred to our partner organisations, who set the person up with what they need. It’s never given out as cash.

Donate now to make a real change in your community.